We offer solutions for supporting, protecting, bundling and splicing transmission and distribution lines, as well as bolted, welded and compressed connectors for substations. We also offer a complete range of products for OPGW (optical earth wire) and ADSS (all dielectric self-supporting) fibre optic cables, which are commonly used to monitor and control power grids.

Specific components to guarantee the efficiency and safety of OPGW high voltage lines, incorporating both electrical conductors and optical fibres for telecommunications, such as suspension and lashing clamps, protection rods to minimise the risk of breakage or deformation. Splices to join OPGW cable sections together. Dampers.

Complete range of hardware solutions for ADSS. PLP products meet the rigorous demands of modern communications networks, providing innovative solutions for the support, protection, splicing and termination of fibre optic cables.

Components for distribution lines, used in the construction and maintenance of electrical networks. These fittings and accessories are designed to ensure the safety, stability and efficiency of power distribution. These common fittings and accessories include: insulators, suspension and lashing clips, restraints, splices and snubbers.

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